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During the summer of 2008 we released the all New version of the HowDidiDo site.  In this section we will try to help you get the most out of the new services we offer and the older ones you had become familliar with in the old HowDidiDo site.

Although we have spent a great deal of time trying to get it just right, we do expect that you will find small issues you would like us to correct, so please feel free to fill out a contact form, you'll find those in the in the 'Contact Us' section on the left.

The Competition and Handicap data displayed on our site is published periodically by the golf club itself. If you have been expecting to see results or calculations from your club and they do not appear to be here, usually this is because for some reason the club has not yet published them.

Handicap calculations resulting from qualifying competition can only be processed once all competitors have returned their scores. Please check with your club’s competition or handicap committee to see if they have completed the process. At busy times it is possible for there to be a two or three hour delay in these being visible to our users.

Please remember the HowDidiDo site DOES NOT calculate your CONGU® handicap. Your club, as the handicapping authority, is responsible for that calculation. It is therefore NOT possible to get an official UK handicap on the internet; only bodies (usually golf clubs but sometimes golf associations such as the Golf Club Managers Association or the Army Golf Association) that are authorised by a constituent member of the Council of National Unions can issue official UK handicaps.

Golf Clubs must use software officially licensed by CONGU®, if your club uses CLUB2000® Scores and Handicapping Software from Club Systems International you can use this site.

If you disagree with a calculation as it appears on this site, you must contact your club’s Handicap Secretary. Unfortunately HowDidiDo or Club Systems International cannot answer your questions directly.

In the coming months we will add extra information to this site to help you understand the calculation process. Please use the HowDidiDo forums to add ideas or discuss the handicapping procedure, other users may be able to clear up queries you may have or visit the CONGU® website for more information.

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